April Shiosaki and Teresa Falavigna
are the co-founders of Blossoming Hill Montessori


With a combined 30+ years of teaching experience, longtime colleagues April and Teresa founded Blossoming Hill Montessori in 2011. 

Blossoming Hill Montessori is the realization of the founders’ vision of a nurturing community that encourages children to be free to explore all of their potential, and to blossom into the remarkable people they are meant to be.

 This vision will continue to serve as the cornerstone for Blossoming Hill Montessori.


April Shiosaki · School Director
Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington with an emphasis in Gender, Ethnicity, and Racial Relations
Montessori Certified in Early Childhood
April has been teaching Montessori for 20 years prior to stepping into Administration full time in 2016

Teresa Falavigna · Elementary Teacher and Educational Director
Bachelor of Arts & Sciences from Western Washington University
State certified teacher (K-8) with a Special Education endorsement (K-12) and a minor in music
Montessori certified for Early Childhood, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary
Teresa has been teaching for 20 years

BHM Staff 


April Shiosaki - School Director

Teresa Falavigna - Educational Director


Early Childhood Classroom Community (Lily)

Heather Tomasi - Early Childhood Teacher 

Rajika Kumari -  Early Childhood Teacher

Brianna Paznokas - Early Childhood Teacher & Early Childhood Music Specialist

Megan Varner - Early Childhood Classroom Assistant


Lower Elementary Classroom Community (Lotus)

Teresa Falavigna - Lower Elementary Teacher

Kristi Leonard - Early Childhood Classroom Assistant

Jodi Hershberger - Early Childhood Classroom Assistant

Alicia Lynch - Elementary Support


Upper Elementary Classroom Community (Rose)

Kristen Richter - Upper Elementary Teacher 

Stephanie Salazar - Upper Elementary Interning Teacher & Spanish Teacher

Alicia - Elementary Support


Whole Body Nutrition Program & Specialists

Angelo Falavigna - School Chef 

Jean Massimo- Elementary Yoga Instructor (P.E.)

John Tomasi - Elementary P.E. Instructor

Laura Arnold - Upper Elementary Music Specialist

Janeen Whale - Educational Support


School Wide Support 

Belinda Gray - Administrative Assistant