Early Childhood Program · Ages 2½ – 6

Our Early Childhood Program is a multi-age program that serves young children through the completion of Kindergarten. Our E.C. classroom is set up in a way that allows even the youngest child to master his or her environment quickly. With hands-on materials that introduce children gradually to many aspects of “practical life,” Montessori classrooms are designed to allow children to begin their academic journeys in tandem with their developing fascinations with the way the world around them works.

By the time a child reaches Kindergarten, he or she is ready to take full advantage of the magnificent academic learning materials that fill their classroom; to become a leader and positive example for the younger children; and to finish the year ready to undertake the accelerated demands of elementary education.

With April and Heather as their teacher and guides, children at Blossoming Hill Montessori begin their academic journeys in an atmosphere of calm and collaboration.

The Early Childhood Program at Blossoming Hill offers families the flexibility to enroll for three day, four day and five day for either morning or all day classes.  BHM provides two full, healthy meals a day – breakfast and lunch as well as two snacks with all costs included in tuition. 

For more information, please see our TUITION & FEE SCHEDULE.


Elementary Program · Grades 1-3 and 4–6

Blossoming Hill Montessori meets the social, intellectual, and emotional needs of the elementary-aged child while continuing to nurture the love of learning. 

The Montessori Method teaches children to think, collaborate, and discover. As with our Early Childhood Program, the Elementary Program at Blossoming Hill is a multi-age environment in which each child is respected as an individual learner who is actively involved and engaged in his or her own learning process.

The academic curriculum at the elementary level (led by Teresa and Kristen )covers the major subjects of mathematics, geometry, reading, creative writing, language, life and physical sciences, geography, social studies, history, art and music.

Please see Community Page for our Homework Philosophy (OFJ).  

Blossoming Hill Montessori is proud to be a pioneer in providing its students with an education that truly prepares them to be actively engaged, healthy, and creative citizens of the world, via our WHOLE BODY NUTRITION PROGRAM and our VISITING LOCAL ARTIST PROGRAM, The Elementary Program at Blossoming Hill runs 5 days a week, from 8:30am – 3:15pm. Extended Care options are available. Two full, healthy meals a day – breakfast and lunch – are included in the cost of tuition.

For more information, please see our TUITION & FEE SCHEDULE.