“To consider the school as a place where instruction is given is one point of view.
But to consider the school as a preparation for life is another.
In the latter case, the school must satisfy all the needs of life.”
– Maria Montessori

Given the many educational choices you have for your children in this area, Blossoming Hill Montessori offers a unique opportunity for your family.


Our amazing school offers children ages 2½ through the 6th grade a world-class education from an amazing team of Montessori teachers.  Our small school (65 students) has allowed us to create and nuture a tight knit community where families can create friendships that go beyond school.  

In regard to our academic curriculum, our school is committed to following Montessori Best Practices as well as meeting each child's individual needs.  

In regard to adhering to Maria Montessori’s vision of teaching the “whole child,” our school is committed to these exceptional foundational programs, which are unique to Blossoming Hill Montessori:


Covered in the tuition price, two complete meals a day – breakfast and lunch – are prepared on site by our school’s chef, and served family-style to the children and staff.

A child’s body prospers with good nutrition and health awareness. In addition, with childhood obesity in the U.S. increasing at an alarming rate, the time is now to innovate and educate children about where their food comes from, and how what they eat is crucial to their success. To this end, we provide students at all age levels a connection between food, activity, and health.

From working in our family-run community garden, to assisting in the preparation of healthy, balanced meals, to sitting down twice daily to eat together, children are immersed in the cycle from Earth to table.

And in complete conjunction with nutrition education, we are firmly committed to the importance of exercise and play to the mind-body health connection.  The children of Blossoming Hill Montessori have formal PE each week as well as recess twice a day.  These crucial times in the students’ day allow them to strengthen their bodies, improve their sportsmanship skills, and interact with peers during both tructured and unstructured outside time.


Through this groundbreaking program for our Elementary students, different local artists engage children in creating art, and show them how art will play a role throughout their lifetimes.

Blossoming Hill Montessori is proud to be pioneering this unique educational opportunity for our students. Every 4 to 6 weeks, a different local artist visits our school and shares his or her art with our Elementary students via a demonstration. Art may include painting, sculpting, music, dance, jewelry making, clothing design, woodcarving, etc.

Through this program, students are exposed to the creative minds in our local and regional communities who make their livings as artists or who enjoy art as a hobby. The children have an opportunity to see the artist at work, ask questions, learn about the art medium, and create their own art based on each new technique. 

Art in action, art in the world, and art as a lifelong outlet for creative expression . . . the Blossoming Hill difference!

We are always looking for ways to expand this phenomenal program. If you or someone you know is a local artist and would enjoy sharing your talent with our students, please let us know! 

"When I first walked through the doors of Blossoming Hill Montessori I hadn't been in an elementary school building for many, many years. My memories of my own elementary school were of sterile hallway walls and an even colder environment inside many of the classrooms that I sat in during my years as an elementary school student. This was NOT the case at BHM! I instantly felt a warmth that permeated the room. I was greeted by three little girls who asked if they could help me followed quickly by their teacher Teresa whom I was there to see. After just five minutes in Teresa’s presence, pure, genuine love for her students was what I could see. I have now had the pleasure of visiting with Teresa, April and all of the wonderful children who attend BHM three times while accompanying my husband to the school as part of their Visiting Artist Program. The positive energy, the way that the children are taught, cared for and respected as well as the huge role that the parents play in this community has made my husband and I plan to send our future children to BHM so that they can receive this beautiful experience at the start of their scholastic careers too!"  NaKeesa M. Frazier from Fusion Art Resources